Best Jigsaw – Reviews & Buying Guide

A large number of tool invent to attain the easiest day at cutting profession. The jigsaw is one of these advanced power tools. The jigsaw is the hand-held style of the band saw or the scroll saw. A reciprocating saw blade, attached with the jigsaw is run with the power of electricity to cut the wood material.

A range of leading-edge blade is used to cut the material with a jigsaw. These are – teethed blades, cranked blades, thin blades, blade edge, and push stroke cutting blade.

If you want to pursue the best jigsaw, available in today’s market, just walk with this review guide we prepare, to make your tool bag more advanced than before. Here you get a bundle of jigsaw model, best suit your home or workshop

Best Jigsaw Comparison Table

Among thousands of jigsaw model, we take 10 jigsaw model, to give a simple look that helps to find the best one.

Top 15 jigsaw reviews

There are different types of jigsaw available in the market. Some are cordless and some are corded. But both are more versatile, allow straight cuts, curved cuts, rip cuts, plunge cuts, or also bevels. It is so small that you just store at any corner or in the cabinet of your workshop.

With a jigsaw blade, you can complete any tasks, like making a hole in the counter or opening for electricity sockets. Where you use hacksaw or handsaw asking for more effort, the jigsaw will be the best option with a diversified cut and sweat-free ending.

With the best quality of performance, we choose 15 jigsaws to present with special features in front of you. After reading this review guide, you will able to select the jigsaw, best suit your need.

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw

The Bosch, one of the leading power tool manufacturing company, is designed a perfect jigsaw named JS470E. it is a corded top-handled jigsaw run with 120V. this jigsaw is suitable for any kinds of woodworking. The professional woodworkers or DIY craftsmen are liked JS470E for its easy installation and operation system.

The saw produces low vibration at the time of working that results in a smooth line of the materials. The Bosch JS470E review shows that the customers give 4.6 out of 5 stars, reflects that the customers are fully satisfied with its performance.

Special features

  • The great feature is tool-less-blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that helps to remove the hot blade without touch.
  • The four orbital-action tool setting offers different blade strokes to get smooth aggressive cut of tough materials.
  • The variable speed dial set and the trigger controlled operating system give a good speed to cut.
  • An ambidextrous lock-on button ensures the balance and comfort of the user.
  • The aluminum-cast footplate and on-board bevel wrench make the tool sturdy.
  • The multi-directional blade clamp of JS470E offers superior grip for T-shank blades.
  • A 7.0 amp power produces enough speed to give a smooth cut up to 5-7/8” on wood and 3/8” at steel for the countertop.
  • Internal precision-machined plunging system of JS470E increases the accuracy of cutting.
  • The constant response circuitry and an ergonomic top handle boost up the user balance at work.
  • An adjustable dust blower, plastic overshoe, an anti-splinter insert, a blade, a blade wrench, and a carrying case are included with the jigsaw.
  • A one-year warranty is provided by the Bosch.


  • Powerful and lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • More precise cut.
  • Low vibration.
  • Comfort for the user.


  • No LED light.


The Bosch JS470E parts are enough strong to give lifetime work service. The price level is not so reasonable for beginners, but considering the service of cutting, not so demanding. The one-year warranty makes a good investment of your money. It is the top amp rated jigsaw, that creates a no. of load ranges from 500 to 3100 SMP and up to 60 Hertz. If you choose it for your workshop, get the jigsaw more practical and crucial for any woodwork.

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saw Kit – JS572EK  - 7.2 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit

The JS572EK is another model of jigsaw manufactured by the Bosch. This item is specially designed for woodworkers and kitchen & bathroom installers. The 7.2 amp motor yields the power to create an effortless curve cut, also a scallop cut in a wide-ranging material.

The Bosch JS572EK review shows the double rollers feature is appreciated by the customers. They give 4.6 out of 5 stars for the performance, after using this jigsaw. The first roller of this jigsaw is designed laterally with self-adjusting guidance, ensures the fine tune against the different thickness of the blade. And the second roller reduces the flexibility of the blade when it works.

Special features

  • The state - of - the art counterbalancing system is built for minimizing the blade deflection when a free, accurate cut is made.
  • A 7.2 powerful motor produces enough power to handle easily at the heavy load of work.
  • One touch blade change system with a fast blade insertion and ejection lever helps to change the hot blade without touch.
  • A variable speed dial settings and an accurate trigger ensure better control of the speed at working time.
  • Bosch’s constant response circuitry maintains a good consistent speed and performance when tough materials cut with it.
  • The aluminum gearbox is built with an insulated cover that offers easy operating system.
  • Die-cast aluminum foot plate give a fast and easy bevel adjustment.
  • The LED light and dust blower make sure clean and clear visibility of the work surface.
  • The multidimensional blade clamp ensures superior grip of T-shank blades.
  • Jigsaw blades, anti-splinter insert, plastic shoe, and a carrying case is included with the saw.
  • One year warranty is offered by the manufacturer.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Powerful.
  • Low vibration.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy to store.


  • U-shank blades are not allowed.


Though the price of the jigsaw is not affordable for all the user, it is able to give a fast and perfect cut of the material. It is good for medium size of wood project. Homeowners can use it more confidently for completing the job related to building or repairing furniture.

Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw

The requirement of every person is different from others. Considering this issue, the Bosch, one of the popular power tool manufacturing group, bring a number of jigsaws. Bosch JS260 jigsaw is one of these versatile jigsaws.

The Bosch JS260 is specially designed for the user who works on multidimensional woodworking projects. It is one of the cheapest jigsaws available in the market. Almost all kind of materials can be cut with the blade of this jigsaw.

Special features

  • The 6.0 amp motor produces the power that can cut a variety of work material.
  • It has a tool-less blade change system that provides a fast insertion and blade ejection lever. And this lever helps to change the hot blade without touch after the work has done.
  • It has a more protected jigsaw clamping mechanism.
  • The four orbital-action settings of the jigsaw offer altered blade strokes that make smooth to aggressive cuts of the workpiece.
  • Variable speed dial sets ensure the maximum cutting speed and the accelerator trigger gives the super control on the operating system.
  • The adjustable dust blower offers a clear cut line when materials are cut with the jigsaw blade.
  • The steel made foot plate gives a strong body to work and the on-board bevel wrench help to store it after work.
  • Non-marrying overshoe, anti-splinter insert, jigsaw blades, carrying bag are included with the jigsaw.
  • 0ne-year warranty is available.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • More durable.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Ensure a clear cut line.


  • Plastic made quick release blade may not long-lasting.


Like other jigsaws, Bosch JS260 also has some limits on work. This jigsaw cannot give full support for a demanding wood project. But in price and cutting quality issues, it is best for any DIY- contractors.

Though it is appropriate for beginners anyone will be an expert, after using this jigsaw for their small or medium wood projects. The lowest price and one -year warrant facility give good workmanship for the user.

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt Max Lithium-ion Jig Saw

The DEWALT one of the market controlling power tool manufacturer engineered a number of jigsaw model for different types of woodworking projects. DEWALT DCS331B is one of them. It is a cordless, battery-powered, powerful jigsaw that offers a versatile cutting of the workpiece.

DEWALT 20V brushless jigsaw is designed for the user who works on the home-related wood project. They use this jigsaw to make different structures of wood materials for improving their life with better comfort. A professional person can also use it, because of the cutting ability that can support any load of work. The lithium-ion battery gives a long-lasting working feature.

Special features

  • The jigsaw has an all metal lever action that increases the versatility of the blade.
  • Four orbital-action settings offer a variety of blade strokes that give smooth to hard-hitting cuts of the work materials.
  • Anti-slip grip improves the comforts and control on work.
  • The design accepts the T-shank jigsaw blades to cut with professional results.
  • All metal keyless bevel offers to bevel at 00, 150, 300, 450 which ensure an adaptable cut of the workpiece.
  • The quick blade changing system makes the jigsaw easy to use.
  • The trigger helps to control the speed on work.
  • Battery and charger are sold separately.
  • A 3-yr warranty is given by the manufacturer.


  • Cordless and portable.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to control on work.
  • Give an accurate cut of the workpiece.
  • The battery produces enough power to cut any stock.
  • Create low sound and vibration on work.


  • Work with only DEWALT battery.


Though DCS331B is a battery powered cordless it can able to work as a corded jigsaw. If you have any DEWALT power tool then no need to buy the battery and charger with it. Because it works with any Dewalt battery. Another good feature is that it is not an expensive jigsaw. Anyone works on the wood project can able to buy to improve their power toolbox with DEWALT products.

DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top-Handle Jig-Saw

Among the DEWALT model, DEWALT DW331K is an advanced jigsaw is designed for different types of wood materials. The beginners, professional, or DIY-er can choose it for their workshop, because of the versatile cutting quality of the jigsaw blades.

This jigsaw is an imported one because it is manufactured in China. And we know that China engineered the best quality of machine parts in the world. The DEWALT DW331K review shows that the customers are highly pleased with the cutting performance of jigsaw blades.

Special feature

  • A 6.5 amp motor delivers enough power to cut the rough workpieces.
  • The variable work speed creates 500-3100 strokes per minute that ensure optimal cutting of the materials.
  • Keyless lever-action blade clamping mechanism offers an easy and quick change of the blades.
  • All metal gearbox increases the durability of the jigsaw.
  • The 4-position orbital-action ensures the fast and uncompromising cuts.
  • An advanced flush cutting blade system allows the completion of flush cutting without up cutting.
  • An all-metal keyless shoe bevel makes an angle at 00, 150, 300,  and 450 that offers a variety of bevel cut.
  • A combined dust blower gives clear visibility of the cut line.
  • Extra large rubber grip reduces the vibration on work and provides good comfort with a load.
  • Non-marrying plastic shoe cover helps to make a fine cut on soft and glossy materials.
  • The counterbalance system reduces user weariness.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Powerful.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Ensure a clear work surface.
  • T-shank blades give the professional result.


  • No LED light.


The DW331K is a handy jigsaw, can cut any wood or metal workpiece. The powerful motor has the ability to absorb the load of demanding wood materials. The variable bevel capacity is higher than Bosch jigsaw.  

The DEWALT DW331K is not the cheapest one but the price is reasonable with the advanced jigsaw design. The cutting capability is much higher than another corded jigsaw. After that 30yr limited warranty, 1-yr free service and 90-days money-back package ensures the best workmanship for this jigsaw.

Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK

The Bosch introduces another well-developed jig saw kit named Bosch JS572EBK. The exceptional feature is a barrel-grip system. This soft-grip attached at the upfront of the jigsaw and gives a comfortable feeling even with heavy-duty. The smallest barrel-grip area edge in class offers maximum control of operation for the user.

The Bosch jigsaw review shows that this upgraded version become popular within a short time it introduced. Among all users, the woodworkers and kitchen and bath installers are liked it most, for its low vibration and consistent speed under load.

Special features

  • It has precision control II blade-roller system gives a minimum deflection for a precise and accurate cut.
  • The laterally self-adjusting guidance system has rollers that are perfect for different blade thickness. The second roller minimizes the blade’s flexibility.
  • A large die-cast aluminum footplate provides fast and easy bevel adjustment.
  • The one-touch-blade-change system has an easy and fast blade insertion and ejection lever. This lever helps to remove the hot blade without any touch.
  • The 7.2 Amp motor produces enough power to create 800-3000 strokes per minute.
  • An aluminum gearbox with an insulated cover reduces the vibration level at the time of work.
  • It has a constant response circuity and multidimensional blade clamping system of T-shank blades.
  • The LED light with on/off switch ensures super illumination of light at work.
  • The dust blower helps to keep a clean cut line.
  • Barrel-Grip jigsaw, plastic overshoe, anti-splinter insert, jigsaw blades, bevel wrench, and carrying case are included with the jigsaw.


  • Portable.
  • Easy to control.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Low vibration.


  • No orbital-action to bevel.


The jigsaw model does not accept the U-shank jigsaw blade. But T-shank jigsaw blade is safe to use and also easy to change. The one-year warranty is provided with the jigsaw model. 30-days money back guarantees and one-year service protection plan also included with the warranty package. This package ensures the best investment of the money for the Bosch jig-saw.

Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw

Another powered jigsaw that we pick for you, is Bosch JS470EB. This jigsaw has an advanced cutting capability to give a smooth end of the workpiece. Though this jigsaw blade is used to cut wood, with the 7.0 Amp powerful motor a sheet of thin steel can be cut.

This Bosch JS470EB is coming with a different well-developed mechanism that provides a soft start of work. And also ensures protection when working with tough wood material for a long time.

Special features

  • The Bosch JS470EB has an internal precision control plunging mechanism with a barrel grip create low vibration at working time.
  • The tool-less-blade-change system makes easy insertion and ejection of hot blades. This T-shank clamping system is more secure for the user.
  • The best-in-class 7.0 Amp motor is enough powerful to makes 3100 strokes per minute in one inch of the worksheet.
  • The variable speed dial sets allow cutting with a variety of speed need for different wood stocks.
  • The Bosch elite Constant Response Circuity mechanism gives a super start with controlled speed for tough materials to a steady end under load.
  • The ergonomic body features with an upfront soft grip handle allow precision, extreme control, and better comfort for the user.
  • The carrying case helps to transfer the jigsaw to anywhere the owner need.
  • The saw has a large die-cast aluminum footplate that offers a lightweight.
  • The 4-orbital-action alignment offers a smooth to aggressive cuts with different strokes.
  • An aluminum gearbox with an insulated cover, and on-board bevel wrench offer bevel up to 450  to cut up to 5-7/8” on wood and 7/8” on aluminum.
  • The ambidextrous lock-on button ensures a steady long cut of the workpiece.
  • A jigsaw blade, anti-splinter insert, plastic overshoe, bevel wrench, and a carrying case is included with the item.


  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • Easy to handle.
  • The precise ending of the cut material.
  • More durable.


  • No LED light.


The Bosch JS470EB review shows that the installers, carpenters, and cabinet makers are satisfied with the performance of this jigsaw. Though the price level is not so reasonable for all categories of user. But the professionals and semi-professionals find it as a better investment of a modern jigsaw. The one-year limited warranty and 30-days money back guarantee along with better result for cutting wood materials offer good workmanship.

Makita 4350FCT Top Handle Jig Saw with LED Light

The Makita, power tool manufacturing company always comes with a dependable tool, used in our workshop. Makita 4350FCT is one of the powered jigsaw designed by the Makita. We reviewed the product to give you detail information whether it is the best one or not for your wood workshop.

The Makita 4350FCT jigsaw has the ability to cut any materials with its powerful 6.3 amp motor. The woodworkers, cabinet architect, remodelers, and also general contractors can handle this jigsaw confidently for their jobs.

Special features

  • The 3-orbital action powered by 6.3 amp motor along with a strong straight cutting capacity makes the jigsaw perfect for all types of material to cut.
  • Comparing with another jigsaw of the same features, this jigsaw creates 40% less noise and low vibration when it works.
  • It's LED light lighten the work line and offers a fine cut of the stock.
  • The variable speed control dial gives a variety of speed, results in a superior completion of the work.
  • The tool-less blade changing system provides easy, quick insertion and ejection of the T-shank blade.
  • The electronic speed control system helps to continue with a constant speed, even at work with a rough wood for a long time.
  • The 4350FCT jigsaw has an ability to create strokes 800-2800 SPM, to cut 5-5/16” in deep on wood at 900 and on steel up to 3/8”.
  • A die-cast aluminum base can bevel on 450 at right, or left, or positive stops at 900 to give a sound cutting result.
  • The dust blower ensures the clear line of the cut.
  • The rubberized top handle grip offers comfort for the user.
  • 2 jigsaw blades, anti-splinter device, cover plate, hex wrench, and a tool case is included with the jigsaw.


  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • Low vibration and less noise.
  • Easy to control.
  • Excellent cutting capacity.


  • The carrying case is not well-made.


The Makita 4350FCT is an improved jigsaw model that offers a versatile cutting application. This is so silent that any time of the day, even at night, you can cut with it without bothering your neighbors. If you consider the cutting capacity of this jigsaw then the price will not be high for any kinds of wood projects. The one-year limited warranty and 30-days money back guarantee also give a good investment for the 4350FCT jigsaw.

Bosch JSH 180B 18 Volt Li-Ion Jig Saw

Another Bosch product, we take for reviewing, is Bosch JSH180B 18 volt jig saw. The exceptional feature of this jigsaw is its weight and size. Comparing with the same quality jigsaw, JSH180B jigsaw is 30% lighter in weight and 10% smaller in size.

The Bosch JSH180B jigsaw is suitable for the cutting purpose related to home improvement, construction, metal fabrication, automotive, marine with hundreds of applications.

For the lightweight and compact design, the JSH180B cordless jigsaw is popular among the beginner. But an expert woodworker is also like it for the portability.

Special features

  • The lightweight design and small grip diameter lower the tiredness of the operator for the extended working period.
  • The tool-less-blade changing mechanism allows easy insertion and ejection of the T-shank blade without touch the hot blade at operating time.
  • The aluminum-based base plate helps make a bevel cut at 45-degree angle.
  • An-always-on dust blower ensures the clean-cut line by removing debris produce with the running jigsaw blade.
  • The LED light attached with the jigsaw illuminates the work surface. When it works increases the visibility.
  • An electronic motor and battery cell protection button keeps both motor and battery safe against overheating, overload, and deep discharge.
  • An on-board bevel wrench increases the suitability and portability of the jigsaw.
  • One-handed blade change system offers efficient operation on cutting application.
  • 4 orbital-action improves the cutting performance of the jigsaw blade.
  • The electronic brake helps to stop the blade at any desirable moment.
  • The lithium-ion battery and charger are sold separately.
  • 3 jigsaw blades, the anti-splinter device is included with the jigsaw.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Highly portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ensure the dust-free cut line.
  • LED light for illumination.


  • Not a cheap one.


The Bosch JSH180B review shows that the customers are highly satisfied with its size and weight. Though the price is high for any woodworking projects, the big cutting project is secured with it.  When the user considers the expenditure with its performance, they become pleased with this JSH180B cordless jigsaw. After these, one-year limited warranty and 30-days money back guarantee secure the investment of the user for the jigsaw.

Makita XVJ02Z 18 Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Jig Saw

The Makita manufactured another powerful jigsaw named Makita XJV02Z brushless cordless jig saw. We pick it for its superficial quality to work. This jigsaw is engineered with the combination of the powerful motor and outstanding cutting capacity of the jigsaw blade.

This jigsaw is suitable for professional woodworkers, cabinetry makers, specialized residential construction workers, and any pro-contractor who searching for the best quality jigsaw for their wood workshop.

Special features

  • The BL brushless motor of the Makita has a strong power to give a faster and accurate cut of the workpiece.
  • 3 orbital-action setting offers a variety of materials to cut straight and faster than another jigsaw.
  • A variable 6-speed control dial (800-3500 SPM) ensures to set with different speed of work as need to cut.
  • The electronically controlled BL brushless motor optimized the energy of the lithium-ion battery and increases the working time per charge 50% more than other.
  • The BL brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes and keep the motor cool and ensure the long life of the battery.
  • The most efficient electronic motor helps to fit the no. of strokes (SPM) and the changing of it as the demand of the cut.
  • The tool-less-blade changing system allows easy insertion of the T-shank blade and ejection of the hot blade without touch.
  • A large 2-finger variable speed trigger with lock-on button increases the efficiency of the work.
  • The heavy-gauge aluminum footplate makes the jigsaw more durable.
  • The dual LED light illuminates the work surface more.
  • Makita 18V lithium-ion slide-style battery has the fastest charge times that ensure the more working time with one charge and less time to stay for a charge.
  • The rubberized soft grip handle gives comfort on work.
  • The dust blower cleans the debris efficiently.


  • Durable.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Ensure a clean cut line.
  • Easy to control.
  • Dual LED light.


  • Battery and charger sold separately.


Makita XVJ02Z review shows that the jigsaw is more powerful compared with other of same features. But the users are not totally satisfied with its cutting performance. It may be for the price level of this jigsaw. We know the price is increased with the facility provide. So, you have to compromise with the expenditure if want the best quality jigsaw.

You also get another facility with this jigsaw, not to buy the battery and charger separately if have any Makita product. Because all Makita product can work with the Makita special lithium-ion battery manufactured by the same company.

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable Speed Top Handle Jig Saw

The Makita is committed to its customers to give the best quality power tools. In these consequences, they engineered Makita 4329K jigsaw with innovative technology and best-in-class.

This 4329K is one of the best tool for professional woodworkers, cabinetry makers, a specialized residential architect who need an exclusive jigsaw in a compact size. This jigsaw blade can cut the wood materials with an 11/16” length of a stroke, 2-9/16” deep at 90 degrees and ¼” deep on steel workpiece.

The powerful motor of Makita 4329K produces 40% less tool vibration and lower noise than another competitive jigsaw available in the market.

Special features

  • The 3 orbital-action system and 3.9 Amp motor provide enough capacity to cut a range of materials in a straight fashion.
  • The rubberized grip handle ensures better comfort for the user at the time of work.
  • Variable speed control dial (500-3100 SPM) enables to fit different speed for different work materials, to ensure best cutting performance.
  • The counterweight balancing mechanism creates less vibration when the blade run to cut the workpiece.
  • The die-cast aluminum footplate ca bevel at 45 degrees right or left, or a positive stops at 90 degrees even with rough wood.
  • The larger trigger switch and lock-on button of the jigsaw gives easy operation of the T-shank blade strokes.
  • A dust port is attached with the body provides maximum management of the debris at cutting time to ensure clear work surface.
  • Onboard hex wrench, easy blade changes system, bevel adjustment make the easy control of the jigsaw.


  • Lightweight and compact in size.
  • Easy to control when it runs.
  • Ensure dust-free cutline.
  • Provide comfort for the user.


  • No LED light.


Among hundreds of the jigsaw, the Makita 4329K is one of the cheapest jigsaw available in the market. With this, another best feature of this jigsaw is its size. This jigsaw is so compact that the user can carry when and where he wants to go for work. Though this has no tool-less blade change system, the cutting performance does not lower for this, anybody can choose it for their workshop as a new one of the toolbox.

Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0Amp Orbital Jig Saw

The Black & Decker, another power tool producing company has manufactured a variety of jigsaw using smart select technology. Among these jigsaw model, we choose JS600 5.0 Amp orbital jigsaw for you that able to fulfill your needs to do the woodworking tasks.

The orbital jigsaw has the blade that, not only moves ups and downs but also goes backward and forward direction when it runs with power.

The Black & Decker jigsaw review shows that the JS600 orbital jigsaw has an excellent cutting capacity with better comfort, suitable, stable and safe for its user. Almost all types of wood can cut with this orbital jigsaw. The professional to hobbyist DIY-er, all get it with user-friendly technology.

Special features

  • The smart select technology automatically sets the jigsaw blade to give the best cut of the workpiece.
  • Variable speed dial setting offers 7-speed of rotation that rotates 800-3000 RPM.
  • The cutting speed creates straight and curved cuts on wood, metal, and plastic materials.
  • Powerful 5.0 Amp motor provides tool-free blade changing mechanism that ensures changes of the blade without hand-touch.
  • Accu-bevel lever gives a quick, more exact bevel adjustments, bevel up to 450 with an indicator window.
  • Onboard blade storage ensures hassle-free tracking down of the right blade.
  • The technology of this jigsaw accepts both U and T-shank blade types.
  • The adjustable shoe provides a stable cutting platform for all types of materials.
  • A channel for site lines offers a proper vision of cut.
  • The dust blower gives a dust-free work surface.
  • 2-yr limited warranty is given with an extra jigsaw blade.


  • Give a more accurate cut.
  • Comfortable to the user.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • More stable than another.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.


  • Little hard to control the working speed of the blade.


The JS600 orbital jigsaw runs with modern technology and ergonomic design makes it more reliable to its user. The Black & Decker jigsaw price is also affordable for all the operator, its feature offered. Though the cord is made of plastic, and the trigger is little hard to control when cutting thick material, gives an outstanding performance with thin wood materials.

Bosch JS120BN 12-Volt Max Cordless Jig Saw

Bosch JS120BN  is another model of the jigsaw, we pick for you. This model is a powerful cordless one, able to give better performance on smaller to refined woodworking projects. This jigsaw is suitable for any professional workers, trim carpenters, and cabinet makers.

The barrel grip of Bosch JS120BN makes the jigsaw more comfortable on work. ECP and EMP technology protects the battery on overheating and overloading. It’s ¾” length of stroke makes a variety of speed to cut the materials with 1500 to 2800 SPM. The LED light ensures the supervision of the cutline. Its lock-on trigger ensures better control of the speed of the jigsaw blade.

Special features

  • The die-cast aluminum base with no-mar overshoe provides an improved operation with the lightweight machine.
  • The adjustable footplate can bevel up to 45 degrees to give a fine bevel cut of the work materials.
  • One-hand blade change system offers an easy blade insertion and tool-less ejection makes the jigsaw more suitable and comfortable for any kinds of cutting.
  • The small grip diameter and lightweight design reduce user fatigue even when prolonged cutting has to be done.
  • The counterbalancing mechanism tends to low vibration at work.
  • The on-board bevel wrench storage provides extra accessibility on work.
  • The Exact-Fit-Insert Tray helps to organize the cutting procedure more efficiently.
  • Battery and charger are sold separately


  • Lightweight makes easy to move.
  • Easy and quick blade change.
  • LED light illumination.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Battery charger indicator.


  • Before storage, the blade needs to remove.


For low-density work materials, the JS120BN jigsaw gives a delighted performance. The Bosch 12-volt cordless jigsaw is enough good to produce strong power, to create a fine cut of the work materials.

The Bosch JS120BN review shows that the jigsaw battery has a reasonable runtime of about 15 minutes with one charge. Though the carrying case is not included the jigsaw, the size, and store without blade system ensure the safety, and easy transportation requires for the jobs.

Dewalt DCF885C1 20V Max ¼” Impact Driver Kit

The DEWALT one of the best power tool manufacturer in today’s market. Among the DEWALT products, DEWALT DCF885C1 driver set one of the cheapest driver set, which is available with DCS331B jigsaw. Only DCF885C1 driver kit is also sold separately, usually used by the car mechanics.

This drill driver is suitable for the DIY craftsman who works on their home garage, kitchen improvement projects, underground storage room to build a different structure. The user can fit the drill to any fastener including lug nuts, screws, and bolts. It is a versatile drill machine that can able to drill on wood, steel, and others as the job permit.

DEWALT DCF885C1 review shows that this driver is so small cordless one that can create a lot of rotation to control a number of jobs and allow to get into underneath the car. The brushless motor of this impact driver has enough power to make dozens of the hole with a charge. The reliable performance, long-lasting features, and strong capacity to drill make the driver popular to the user, works on a simple car workshop.

Special features

  • The compact size and lightweight design offer to use in any job site, also in a small space.
  • All metal lever action keyless blade provides easy insertion of the blade and touch-less ejection of the hot blade after work.
  • All metal keyless shoe bevel system ensures proper bevel to make a smooth level of the workpiece.
  • The quick trigger release mechanism offers safety with a complete stop of the blade with a 20-second delay.
  • The LED light illuminates the work surface and gives a clear vision of the materials.
  • It has a ¼” hex chuck that accepts 1 in bit tips and provides one-handed bit loading. The no. of load speed varies from 0-2800.
  • The driver battery produces a maximum of 20 volts at the initial stage that is measured without a workload.
  • Battery and charger are not included the driver set, sold separately.
  • A 3-yr warranty is available with the driver set.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Powerful and time saver.
  • Worthy investment.


  • Carrying case is too small.


DEWALT DCF885C1 20V is a great tool with an automatic shut off button that lowers the wastage of energy consumed for charging the battery. The beginner, wants to use it for the first time, need to read the manual properly before starts to drill with it.

Some safety measures need to follow, to make the best use of the drill driver. After complete the drilling, the machine should clean properly because dirt may be stuck on it, and has a metal feeling.

Though this  DEWALT driver cannot create more strokes like the Makita driver but have enough power to suit any common home projects.

Milwaukee 6268-21 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig Saw

The last pick of our jigsaw model is Milwaukee 6268-21 top-handle jigsaw. We choose Milwaukee for its design and easy operation technology, that makes it different from another model available in the market. This model is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The aluminum footplate gives a lightweight and makes it durable. The motor produces strong power to create 1” stroke with up to 3000 strokes per minute. This jigsaw can able to give a variable cut on different materials like wood, metal, or any tough materials.

Special features

  • It has a powerful 6.5 Amp motor.
  • The keyless shoe adjustment allows bevel up to 450 in both rights and left direction.
  • The precision roller blade guide ensures easy insertion ejection of the jigsaw blade.
  • LED light improves the visibility of the cut-lines at the time of work.
  • The tachometer helps to maintain a constant cutting speed on work.
  • The 4 orbital-action settings ensure the faster cut of the work materials.
  • The cushion grip handle gives a comfortable feeling even with tough cutting.
  • The counterbalancing mechanism makes it sound for the environment by creating a low level of sound and vibration.
  • The quick-lock blade changing system allows tool-free insertion and ejection of T-shank blade, use to cut the materials with a jigsaw.
  • The variable speed trigger gives a super control on working speed.
  • Jigsaw blades, plastic overshoe, dust shield, carrying case are included with the jigsaw.


  • Lightweight.
  • Powerful.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to control.
  • Clean and fine cutlines.
  • Dust free work surface.


  • LED headlight does not illuminate well.


The Milwaukee 6268-21 is suitable for any woodwork, and also another metal cuts. The baffle control with 10-setting  dust blower adjustment gives a clean and clear-cutting place. The ON/OFF switch helps the beginners to cut confidently. With these excellent features of the 6268-21 jigsaw, the price is also within all the user’s means. All the traits are ensured the worthy investment for the Milwaukee jigsaw need to finish any woodworking projects.

Buying Guide

We know, the above review of 15 jigsaw model makes a lot of confusion on your mind. You cannot understand which one is best for you and go to grab on. You find a lot of differences between them. Most of have the same character for different parts of the tool, deserve to cut. Some of them are cordless or corded, electricity powered or battery powered with different advanced cutting technology.

That's why we make this buying guide, that gives you more instruction needs to consider before go with any jigsaw model finally. Now we tell, read this guide and try to understand what we want to inform you about the specific parts of this tool, the jigsaw. Then make the ultimate decision to buy which model for your best investment on a jigsaw.


The ability to expend of all are not the same. And also all the jigsaw model are not at the same price. The price of any product depends on how much modern technology used to manufacture it. But we find some exception of this rule.

Before going with any model, you should know which features are the best suit for your project. If it deserved an expensive one then you have to consider the price level. If you don't then cannot get the success on your job, that affect the future career.

But in our review, you can get some advanced model at a reasonable price. So, your next step is to combine your need with the ability to invest and take hold of the model we suggest.

Power and Battery

Power is a vital issue for choosing the best quality jigsaw. The speed of the blade and thickness of cut affects by the power. The high the power, the high the cutting capacity.

In general, the power varies from 350 watts to 1000 watts. Some specialized jigsaw can produce power up to 1500 watts. If you want to cut thick wood or any metal sheet, just remember the jigsaw must have the ability to produce not less than 700 watts.

The other thing, you have to remember that the high powered jigsaw has a heavyweight. And it reduces the portability of the jigsaw. But all of our best choices is the portable one with a suitable capacity to give a fine ending of the cut.

Power is not a factor to get the specific speed to cut because the saw runs with a continuous flow of electricity or battery. In the case of electricity power, we have to see the quality of the electric port or cord. And with battery powered jigsaw, the considering matter is the longevity of the battery and charger.

So, you have to select your jigsaw not on the basis of power, depends on the cutting capacity. If the blade has the ability to cut thick materials with a smooth ending then that will be our best one.


All power tool vibrates when it works, maybe low or high. The vibration affects the quality of the work. The beginners feel a problem if the jigsaw vibrates at a high level. And it lowes the efficiency of an expert. Dust produces with the cutline also blows all over the surface with a high level of vibration.

The vibration is affected by the materials, the tool made of. A plastic body vibrates more than a steel body jigsaw. The handle of the jigsaw creates a different level of vibration. The bare handle generates a high than a cushion grip handle.

Now a day, a large number of the jigsaw are available in the market, building with the counterbalancing plunge technology. This types of jigsaw make low-vibration when the blade runs to make the cut. So you have to select an advanced jigsaw to get the best result.

Dust collection

Most of the materials produce dust when cutting with the jigsaw blade. The wood materials make more than the others. This dust badly affects the cutting quality. The dust port or blower attached with the tool helps to blow away the dust when the saw runs.

If dust blower is not designed with the jigsaw, the laser or LED light cannot give a fine ending of the cut. So everyone should select the jigsaw with the facility to clean the dust yielded with the cutting.

Blade size

The size of the blade regulates the breadth of the materials to cut. It also affects the flexibility of the running blade. The thin blade can result in the more accurate and fine ending of the cut line but it is not durable.

According to the rule of thumb, the size of the blade should be 1-inch or so more than the thickness of the work materials. Because the blade makes strokes along with the cutline when the tool works. If the blade is less thick than the materials then it cannot make a full cut. So you have to select the right blade based on your work size.

Blade type

There are mainly two types of blade used to cut the materials using the jigsaw, T-shank, and U-shank. T-shank blade is safer than U-shank because it allows changing without the help of any tool accessories. On the other hand, there is a little chance to shake more on work with U-shank blade, a traditional one.

If your projects deserve more types of blade, then you have to go with the jigsaw which has advanced technology. The tool-less-blade changing system offers easy insertion and ejection without a touch of the hot blade.

Blade teeth

The tooth of the jigsaw blade is an important thing to get a reasonable result. The number and arrangement of teeth vary with the type of the blade. On U-shank blade, teeth go downward and go upward with T-shank blade. The downward arrangement or U-shank blade gives a sharp cutting but wears down. The upward teeth or T-shank blade can cut the rough materials more quickly than a downward one.

The number of teeth also affects the quality of the cut. The 20 TPI (teeth per inch) blade is appropriate for wood, paper, cloth or any soft materials. But the rough stock like ceramic, steel deserves more teeth to give a fine ending.

Blade material

In general, steel, carbide or tungsten is used to make the jigsaw blade. These materials have different ability to work on different workpiece. The tough blade is needed to cut the rough materials. The wood material needs a soft blade, and steel, ceramic, or other rough metal deserve a tough one.

In the market, the high-speed steel to high-carbon steel, tungsten carbide to carbide grit, and many other blades are available. There also some specialized blades offer thin intricate cut to dedicate plunge cut.

You have to know which one is appropriate for which type of materials. And then to select the right blade, suit best your project type.

Handle style

The jigsaw is designed with two types of handle, barrel handle or top/D-shaped handle. When the jigsaw works it makes a level of shaking, that’s why the handle has a role to give a confident cut. If the handle fails to give comfort then the user cannot make a fine cut. Now you have to know which handle give more comfort than others.

The cover materials also have a great significance for comforts. The D-shaped handle with rubberized cover gives a good feeling and a professional cut can be made. It also offers one-hand operation. But, for reverse cut, barrel handle with grip gives a better result. So you have to choose the right handle, with which you get the best performance.


The speed of the jigsaw blade is measured with the stroke is made in a minute (SPM). Every jigsaw creates a range of strokes when it runs. It ranges from 500 SPM to 3500 SPM. Every material desire a specific SPM for turn into different shapes.

To get the desired cut, we have to fit the jigsaw with exact SPM level, cutting the specific material. Because it’s not possible to keep the blade at a certain level of stroke when it runs. So we need the jigsaw which has a variable speed control dial settings. There is a lot of jigsaw with a variable speed control system. You should go any of this jigsaw to get success.

Ease of use

If you want to get the ease of use of the jigsaw, you have to know about the advance system offers the best. The jigsaw blade and it’s working procedure, control of the jigsaw, another facility like LED light, dust port, internal design, affects the use.

There is a no.of working system used to operate the jigsaw. These are tool-less-blade change system, different orbital-action tool settings, variable speed dial settings, plunging system, circuity system, dust control, and also materials with which the jigsaw body is made, have the positive effect on the best ending of the cutting job. If you want to get the best precision then you have to choose the advanced one.

You have to acquire knowledge of these systems before buying your jigsaw. When you know the benefits of them on cutting then you can able to choose your jigsaw.

Safety tips

The jigsaw is operated with motor power and a reciprocating blade. Both are risky for the user. That’s why we have to be alert when working with this. Now a day, most of the jigsaw is designed with a safety feature. After that, we also need to take the following precautions at working time.

  • The jigsaw blade runs with a continuous flow of power, may cause electric shock. To avoid this shock, we have not to use the jigsaw in a wet place, always try to work on a dry surface.
  • Everyone has to keep their hand or body away from the jigsaw when it works. Because when it runs, the sharp reciprocating blade rotates, and create shaking and spark a fire. Even the dull blade may give a kickback. Furthermore, the worker should wear a hand glove at the time of work to prevent the injury, may occur.
  • Before start work with the jigsaw, everybody should read the manual thoroughly, even after having the experience to use.
  • For personal protection, everybody should wear protective clothes, eyeglasses, steel-toed boots, and a dust mask.
  • Extra care should be taken with hard cutting materials.
  • Do not work in a public or crowded place with the jigsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the jigsaw used for?

Ans. The jigsaw is usually used to create a curved, intricate cut on the wood materials. Though a number of materials, like metal, sheets, steel, ceramic, laminates, can cut with the jigsaw blade. Except curved cut, the straight cut, plunge cut, bevel cut can be made with the jigsaw blades.

How many amps does a jigsaw use?

Ans. The amperage of the jigsaw depends on which type of work, it will use for. The Amp ranges from 3.5 Amp to 7.5 Amp for a jigsaw. The soft cutting jigsaw is low powered to create less SPM (stroke per minute) and rough cutting one is high-powered, also rotate with high SPM.

Is a jigsaw useful for basic home woodworking?

Ans. Yes, you can use a jigsaw for basic home woodworking. For basic home woodworking, You need to select a compact, lightweight jigsaw best suit your tasks.

What size extension cord should I use?

Ans. The size of the extension cord depends on the power of the jigsaw. Because of the ability to meet up the power is not the same for all extension cord. To prevent the accident, may occur at the time of work, you need to select a perfect extension cord. Though the jigsaw is not so powered, the life of it depends on safe use.

Can I use my jigsaw to cut stone, metal or laminate?

Ans. Yes, you can use your jigsaw to cut metal, stone or laminate. You need to change the type of blade to cut these materials. Because the density of every material is different from others. And a single blade cannot cut all materials, rough or soft.

Will I need a specific saw blade for certain cut?

Ans. Yes, you need a specific saw blade for a certain cut depends on the kind of materials. When cutting thick materials, you have to take a blade, can stretch out 1” or so across the workpiece. For a curved cut, the jigsaw blade needs to be flexible enough to give an angle cut.

Can jigsaw cut curves accurately?

Ans. Yes, if the jigsaw has an orbital-action setting then any curved cut can be made with the blade.

Can I sharpen my jigsaw blade?

Ans. Yes, you can sharpen the jigsaw blade. But I see, that is tougher and not so effective. If you change the blade with a new one, will be a wise decision. Because the jigsaw blade is so small and inexpensive, and also available in the market.

What is the difference between T-shank and U-shank jigsaw blades?

Ans. The main difference between T-shank and U-shank blade is the shape at the bottom of the blade. The blade named on the basis of the shape “T” or “U”. The teeth arrangement is different in these two blades. On T-shank blade, the teeth are upwards and U-shank is downwards. The U-shank is a traditional design of the blade and T-shank is an advanced one.


After reading this review guide, you have a lot of option to select the best jigsaw for you.

Your next task is to concentrate on your job and think which type is going with your project.

When you can make a decision for a specific jigsaw, select any one of 15 top-rated jigsaws that we pick for you.

The buying guide, we present, gives you good support for the selection of a perfect jigsaw. We discuss every detail about a jigsaw that you need to know before buying a new one. And also give the safety tips need at the time of working.

Please visit our website, where a lot of review guide of different power tool are waiting for you.

Now, go with your favorite jigsaw and enjoy your job success.

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