Best Reciprocating Saw – Reviews and Full Buying Guide

Are you searching a power tool for demolition?

Yes, this review guide helps you to get the power tool that you can use for demolition. This is the reciprocating saw specially designed for the devastation of work materials. You can use this saw as an alternative to the jigsaw. But with a best reciprocating saw, you can do your cutting whatever and wherever you want.

This reciprocating saw has a variety of teethed blade. You can use these blades for tree-limb cutting, demolition work, clean cutting for contaminated materials. The abrasive coated blades can also cut tile and stone.

Best Reciprocating Saw Comparison Table

We make a comparison table with top 10 reciprocating saw model to give you more understanding at a time.

Top 15 Reciprocating Saw Review

The reciprocating saw uses the back and forth motion of the blade to cut the working materials. It is first introduced by the Milwaukee, the power tool manufacturing company. Now a number of models are available in the market. All of them more or less same features but everyone has a significant difference from the another. The reciprocating saw is so light, portable and the design of this saw allow you to start your cut from anywhere of the workpiece.

Different types of reciprocating saw like wood cutting, metal cutting, blades for composites, for drywall and other materials exist in the market. Among the hundred of the model, we take only the top 15 reciprocating saw model for your workshop to complete the cutting project.

DEWALT DCC380B 20-Volt Max Li-ion Reciprocating Saw

The DEWALT, a leading power tool manufacturing company brings this DCS380B model of the reciprocating saw. This saw comes with patented design and innovative technology suitable for both hobbyists and professional. Its versatile application makes it a supreme model for HVAC/mechanical contractors, electricians, carpenters, framers, plumbers, remodelers, and fire and rescue crews.

This cordless reciprocating saw is available as a bare tool. The flexibility on the expected blade and battery for cutting makes it popular to its users. Because for changing the work materials they have to change only the blade, not the full DEWALT 20V brushless reciprocating saw. And they who have other DEWALT power tool can use Lithium-ion 20V Max battery, and charger fit it.

Special features

  • It creates 1-1/8” long stroke when rotate, allows a faster cutting speed of 0-300 SPM.
  • The 4-position blade clamp offers versatility on the application and flush cutting.
  • The variable speed trigger gives good control on cutting work.
  • The pivoting adjustment increases the working life of the blade and control on the depth of the cut.
  • A bright LED light is attached to the saw.
  • The easy blade changing system provides the ability to reach the constricted area and efficient performance.
  • The 20V Li-ion Max battery produces 80% more power, allow to cut 2.88 times faster and increase the runtime up to 18% comparing others.
  • The rubberized hand grip gives a comforting feeling when cutting has to be done.
  • The double oil seated shaft repels the contaminations and increases the battery life.
  • A 3-yr limited warranty backed the reciprocating saw.

What people like

  • Powerful motor.
  • A range of application.
  • Easy to control.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Durable.

What people don’t like

  • Blades are not included.


The DEWALT DCS380B is one of the cheapest reciprocating saw in today’s market. This saw is more portable than a circular saw and comes with one-hand operation. However,  it has no anti-vibration technology and well-defined dust control mechanism, the DCS380B blades can tackle a variety of cutting application. Its small size and the design increases the storability after use. The three-year limited warranty also offers a good investment for the saw.

Makita JR3070CT AVT Reciprocating Saw – 15 Amp

The Makita is an industrial quality power tool manufacturing company adapted the science of earthquake engineering into the power tools with Makita’s Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT). The Makita JR3070CT reciprocating saw comes with this AVT technology lower the vibration for the heavy cutting load. The sturdy metal case also helps in avoiding dissipation of power through vibration.

This saw is suitable for all day long use with any level of cutting. The advanced mechanism turns the saw perfect for metal fabricators, roofers, road construction workers, general building contractors, artisans who do remodeling work. The exclusive counterbalancing system and durable body design offer a versatile application on cutting operation.

Special features

  • The anti-vibration technology (AVT) offers 2 times less vibration comparing the other reciprocating saw.
  • The 15 Amp motor produces enough power to create 0-2800 SPM to cut the stock effectively.
  • The electric speed control mechanism helps to maintain the constant speed even with overload.
  • 4-position action system makes both straight and orbital cutting of the work piece.
  • The variable speed control dial helps the user to fix the speed for different types of work materials.
  • The 1-1/4” long stroke ensures the faster cut of the cutting stock.
  • Ergonomic rubberized soft grip gives comfort feeling on cutting.
  • Tool-less blade change system and shoe adjustment increase the efficiency of cutting.
  • Larger 2-finger trigger with lock-on button and built-in-clutch improve the suitability of the saw blade.

What people like

  • Dust-free workplace.
  • Easy to control.
  • inexpensive.
  • Multipurpose application.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Absorb overload.

What people don’t like

  • Difficult for the beginner.


The Makita JR3070CT review shows that users are satisfied with modern cutting technology with which the saw designed, an average rating point is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Though the saw is not perfect for the DIY-ers, the professionals also have to care about adjustment of the front shoe and shoe holders, not to loosen and sloppier, causing the blade to cut into the shoe. But the one-year limited warranty and 30-day money back guarantee to ensure the workmanship for this reciprocating saw.

DEWALT DCS367B 20V Max XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT always committed to its user for the best quality power saw. Every day they try to introduce a machine with more advanced technology. And this time they manufacture a reciprocating saw with a forthcoming XR technology named DEWALT DCS367B with forthcoming XR reciprocating saw blades. It optimized the use of the saw.

This saw is an idyllic model for any kinds of cutting application where a power channel is a matter of fact. the DCS367B, hard-wearing reciprocating saw is an appropriate tool for the contractors. It is also suitable for any homeowners who try to do their woodworking themselves. The plumbers, electricians, mechanics, advanced DIY-er like to keep this reciprocating saw in their toolbox.

 A vast of cut can be made with this saw blades e.i. metal cut, woodcut. The anti-slip comfort grip gives an incomparable feeling on vocation. The user can make the cut even in a tight workplace.

Special features

  • The compact and lightweight design of this saw make it popular to its users.
  • The variable speed trigger helps to select the specific speed required for the specific work materials.
  • The pivoting shoe design increases the life of the blade and helps to keep control of the cutting procedure.
  • The keyless four-position blade clamp system ensures the quick desired cut and makes the blade change an easy set-up.
  • Any 20V Max battery of any 20V Max tool can use to run this reciprocating saw with irrespective Amp Hour.
  • It offers a 1-1/8” stroke length provides a faster cutting speed to make a fine ending of the working stock.
  • The anti-slip comfort grip run with comforts and helps to do the job more effectively.
  • The bright LED to illuminate the working surface sufficiently ensures enough perceiving of the cut line.
  • A 3-yr limited warranty is backed by the DEWALT.

What people like

  • Small in size.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Quick and faster cut.
  • Proper viewing of the cut line.
  • Easy to control.

What people don’t like

  • No vibration control system.


The DEWALT 20V reciprocating saw has not any defined dust controlling design but clears the debris at a certain limit. The vibration also can not control but the design automatically gives a low level of shaking. The LED light allows to work even on a comparative dark place e.i. on the lift, constructed building, any accidental area. Furthermore, the extra 1-yr free service for the parts of the saw and 90-days money back guarantee gives a super investment for this reciprocating saw.

DEWALT DWE357 12 – Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw

The DEWALT the tool market leading manufacturing company always introduce the latest power technology. The DEWALT DWE357 reciprocating saw is one of these advanced power tools. This saw is designed with two valuable words for cutting technology, one is power & precision and another is compactness & control. These words make the saw more favorite to general and specialized contractors. The mechanics, electricians, demolition experts, HVAC professionals, and other residential and commercial construction professionals like to keep this tool on their power toolbox.

The design of the DEWALT DWE357 makes it ideal to work on a tight space, reaching overhead to cut the material or any challenging working area like under the sink, in corners, between rafters. A variety of materials like wood, metal, plastic, drywall, composites, fiberglass, and many more can be cut with the DWE 357 saw blades.

Special features

  • The small size and lightweight increase the versatility of the cutting application. 14.5” length and 6.8 Ibs weight offer to work on a constricted area.
  • Key-less-lever-action blade clamp provides the easy blade changing system without a touch of the hot blade after finishing the cutting.
  • The 12 Amp motor produces enough power to create 0-3000 SPM to grasp an extreme load of cutting.
  • A 1-1/8” long stroke gives a quick and fast cut of the work material.
  • The handle and front boot are molded with a soft grip that enhances comforts and reduces the vibration generates with the cut.
  • A variable speed trigger helps to control with different speed need for a variety of cutting stuff.
  • The pivoting shoe adjustment provides leverage for diverse cutting.
  • The box is enriched with a heavy-duty tool bag and an instruction manual.
  • A 3-yr DEWALT limited warranty is given with the saw.

What people like

  • Highly portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Variety of application.
  • More precision.

What people don’t like

  • No lightening system.


Though the DWE357 corded reciprocating saw is a modernized power tool has no dust management system. The vibration level is not so low to give a sound cutting operation. But the DEWALT DWE357 review shows that it is more popular to its users. The instruction manual included with it helps the beginners to make an easy operation with the DWE357 saw blades. And the DEWALT helps to make a good investment by giving one-year free service with a 90-day money back guarantee.

WORX WX550L 20V Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

The WORX WX550L reciprocating saw is designed with the more advanced technology of cutting, where both jigsaw and reciprocating saw features are available. This saw is capable to serve the facility of both saws. The WX550L comes with more benefits for the DIY professionals where they do not need to by these two saw separately.

The compact, the lightweight saw has a versatile axis pattern that accepts any brand of the blade used to cut the materials. A variety of materials like wood, metal, ceramic, tile, plastic, tree limbs, and more can be cut with this saw blades. An ability to fit with different types of the blade offers a quick and fast versatile cut the project demand.

Special features

  • A 20V Max lithium-ion battery supply the power to cut with the expected saw blade.
  • An orbital mode of rotation can able to create 3000 SPM to tackle tough reciprocating tasks.
  • A ¾” stroke length offers a faster cut of any of the work materials.
  • A variable speed trigger helps to control the expecting speed for a definite material.
  • The design of the saw ensures one-hand operation.
  • The pivoting head design of this reciprocating saw converts the whole operating system to a jigsaw within one second.
  • The motor located at the side of the saw produces a smooth and constant power and prevent the slippage or misalignment of the running blade to ensure a more efficient cut.
  • Compatible with any reciprocating saw and  T-shank blade of jigsaw offers the versatility of the cutting operation.
  • The 20V power share platform saves both money and time of the user.
  • The best quality blower increases the efficiency of the blade by removing the dust and debris generate with the rotation.
  • The tool-less blade changing system offers an easy change of the saw blades.
  • Battery and charger are included with the saw.

What people like

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Dust free working surface.
  • Can handle tough materials.
  • Works as both jigsaw and reciprocating saw.
  • Diversified cuts.

What people don’t like

  • No light facility.


The WORX 20V reciprocating saw is a useful tool that provides plenty of cutting demands jigsaw as well as a reciprocating saw. The ability to accept both t-shank blade and reciprocating blade helps to use this saw for both indoor and outdoor projects. The 30 days limited warranty backed the cordless saw act like a safeguard.

DEWALT DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw

We already know that DEWALT manufactures the power tool to meet up the requirement of the users for any power. DEWALT DWE304 is not the exception of it. This saw is produced in China and Amazon imported it and marketed on today’s world power tool market. The design of DWE304 suggests a range of materials to cut like nail embedded wood, other types of wood, and different types of metals. It also can use to remodel plaster and drywall, fiberglass and composites, rubber and plastic and many more.

The 4-position blade clamp system makes it popular to the household workers, DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, builders, plumbers, and also painters. The user can use it any place where other saws can not reach to do the job. The body parts give a long-lasting feature that helps to lead the saw bazaar.

Special features

  • The 10 Amp motor fascinate the substantial obligation of cutting operation.
  • The design of the reciprocating saw makes it easy to use for cutting projects.
  • The 4-position blade clamping helps to cut at any direction starts from anywhere of the cutting materials.
  • The keyless lever-action blade clamp provides easy insertion and ejection of the blade before and after the cut.
  • The motor helps to create 0-2800 SPM and a 1-1/8” stroke length offers a fat versatile cut of the work substances.
  • The variable speed trigger assists to increase or decrease the speed level demands work material.
  • One-handed operated technology lead to fast, quick and efficient cutting.
  • Anti-slip comfort grip improves the comforts of the users on work.
  • 3-yr manufacturer’s limited warranty is available.

What people like

  • Strong body.
  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Diversified cutting.
  • Easy to control.

What people don’t like

  • There is no lock system, this may a cause of any mishap.


Dewalt DWE 304 is one of the widespread reciprocating saw that like most by the user, especially to the DIY-ers. The blades and battery of this saw can work for a long time that saves both money and time for completing the cutting jobs. Perhaps the price is not high for a reciprocating saw. The warranty and guarantee given by DEWALT make a worthy investment to all the users.

DEWALT DWE305 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw

The DEWALT produces hundreds of power saws and all are built-in-class. The DEWALT DWE305 reciprocating saw a DEWALT product that has the more or less same function as others but the user like it most than others. A variety of user like a home-base woodworker, construction workers, electricians, masons, plumbers, painters, anybody who try to do something relates to cutting at home, offices, and workshop like to keep DWE305 on their toolbox.

This saw is also able to serve for remodeling, construction sites, even tree-trimming. General contractors to experts all feel comfort work with it. Plywood, PVC pipe, rubber, drywall wood, metal, plastic can effectively cut with the DWE305 blade. The strategy to work and features of this saw unique that attract the person, wondering a reciprocating saw.

Special features

  • A 12 Amp motor provides 0-2900 strokes per minutes ensure a versatile cut of the work stuff.
  • A 1-1/8” stroke length means the faster and smooth end of the cutting stock.
  • Variable speed control design tends to a constant speed for a specific material.
  • 4-position blade clamp system helps the blade to move all direction to give the expecting cut.
  • Keyless lever-action renders to easy insertion and ejection of the saw blade need to cut different types of material.
  • A rubberized handle of the saw gives a comfortable feeling of the user while he cuts the material with the saw blade.
  • A 3-yr limited warranty backed the saw.

What people like

  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to use.
  • More precision.
  • Versatile applications.
  • Durable.

What people don’t like

  • Not comes with carrying case.


The DEWALT DWE305 reciprocating saw more or less same performing like DWE304 corded but better than in term of longevity and comfort. This is one of the cheapest reciprocating saw available in the market. The length is slightly longer than other DEWALT products. But the motor is durable and better performing satisfy the user. And have no extra information about the warranty, same for all DEWALT product. That’s why everybody like DEWALT products than another.

DEWALT DCS387B 20V Max Compact Reciprocating Saw

The main feature that makes the DEWALT DCS387B atypical is compactness and lightweight. This smallest fashion turns it into the best reciprocating saw for any working area, wide to tight.

A squeezed, confined, narrow working area where any other saw cannot reach DCS387 can serve easy cutting. A small to a big DIY project, this saw perform better than others. Construction workers, carpenters, framers, trimmers, drywallers, even metal workers can use this reciprocating saw for its versatility.

Dual blade clamping system helps the user to cut with two blades both vertically and horizontally that gives a totally different experience of cutting. For this uncommon design, the operators like it for their toolbox.

Special features

  • The design of the saw turns into a compact and lightweight reciprocating saw.
  • The saw blade can fit into a knob that allows the worker to use it in a congested space.
  • The 4-position blade clamp fashion offers flush cutting of the work objects.
  • Dual blade system provides the insertion of the blade both horizontally and vertically.
  • A 1-1/8” stroke length delivers a quick cutting speed for the fine ending of the products.
  • Variable speed trigger determines the expected speed, the requirement of the stock with 0-2900 SPM resulting precise cut of the materials.
  • The pivoting shoe adjustment provides a versatile application of the saw on cutting work.
  • Tool-less-action-lever ensures easy changes of the blade with one-hand operation.
  • The attached LED illuminates the working area that makes it suitable for any dark workplace.
  • Battery and charger sold separately.
  • A 3-yr limited warranty.

What people like

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Highly portable corded one.
  • Works even overload.
  • Safe to use.
  • Durable battery.

What people don’t like

  • Need extra care for changing the blades.


The DEWALT DCS387B review shows that the user enjoys with this reciprocating saw because they need not buy extra battery when already have any other DEWALT power tool. This saw can easily run with any other 20V Max DEWALT battery. This DCS387B is also favorite to the user for a wide range of cutting applications. And they give 4.8 out of 5 stars when reviewing for the performances. The price is not so high and the one-year free-service and 30-days money back guarantee is given by DEWALT.

Makita JR3050T 11-Amp Reciprocating Saw

The Makita JR3050T 11-Amp reciprocating saw has a small, sturdy body and powerful brushless motor that turns it ideal for a vast range of cutting applications. The saw is useful for metal cutting, wood cutting, drywall & plaster, plastics, remodeling, and demolition applications.

The well-balanced Makita JR3050T parts are long-lasting with comfortable function make to favorite to the builders, roofers, metal fabricators, remodelers, framers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and also general contractors.

Special features

  • The well-adjusted design with 7.1 Ibs weight and 17-3/4” long body give comforts in use.
  • 11-Amp motor creates 0-2800 SPM can able to cut a faster and wide range of materials.
  • Variable speed with 1-1/8” long stroke helps to fix the speed required for the specific work materials.
  • Tool-less-blade change system gives an easy change of the blades and removal of the hot blade after work has done.
  • The shoe adjustment offers a painless cutting operation.
  • Ball bearing and needle bearing increases the working life of the tool parts.
  • Externally accessible brushes provide easy maintenance of the reciprocating saw.
  • Variable 2-finger speed trigger with lock-on button ensures a precise cut of a wide variety of application.
  • An internal dust blower cleans debris from the work surface and increases the visibility of the cut line.
  • The double insulated body with soft grip handles less fatigue for the users.
  • The saw comes with 6TPI blades, metal cutting blades, and a plastic carrying case.
  • A 1-year limited warranty backed the saw.

What people like

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Easy blade changes.
  • Powerful and affordable.
  • Dust free cutline.

What people don’t like

  • No LED light.


The compact body design of the JR3050T reciprocating saw lends the operator to use it in a narrowed working space, where the others cannot reach to make a cut. This saw is the best one for home-based cutting operation but the powerful speed helps in an industrial utilization. The Makita JR3050T manual is an easy bargain for the beginners. And its lowest price is also present an affordable saw for all category of the workers.

TackLIFE Advanced 12V Max Reciprocating Saw with 1500mAh Lithium-Ion Battery 

The TackLIFE power tool producing enterprise aims to manufacture best quality products will be a safeguard for the workers involved with different types of cutting applications. They bring a number of compact, portable, sturdy, and delightful reciprocating saw mostly liked by the user.

The TackLIFE 12V lithium-ion battery is appropriate for all kinds of the home-based cutting operation like demolition, trimming trees, cutting PVC pipes, or any DIY projects. The powerful motor provides smooth to aggressive cut for any tough workpiece. The main attractive feature of this saw is its rechargeable battery and the clamping jaw structure.

Special features

  • The saw comes with a rechargeable 12V Max lithium-ion battery pack that ensures sustainable cuts for about 30 minutes and fastest charging within one-hour.
  • The power indicator helps the operator knowing about the status of the battery charge.
  • The battery power display allows circumventing stoppage of the work for an exhausting charge. This feature also helps to charge the battery in time and ensure the long life of the battery.
  • The clamping jaw design improves the friction in operation that renders an easy control on work and helps to cut at the expected position and provide user’s security from any mishap.
  • Variable speed trigger grants good maintenance on the speed up to 2500 RPM, control on the running blade and ensures the faster cut speed.
  • Only 12” long body and 3.4 Ibs weight turn the saw perfect for any tight space and appropriate for one-hand handling. And also give superior control on work with versatility.
  • A powerful motor produces the power sufficient for 2500 RPM gradually increase from the lower limit.
  • The ¾” stroke length make sure to create the fastest and smooth cut for wide-ranging cutting materials.
  • A double safety switch with two buttons designed on this reciprocating saw helps to avoid the touching indignant.
  • The key-less quick-lock blade clamp provides easy change of the saw blades without the help of an extra tool.
  • A 12V Max battery and charger, saw blade for wood cutting, clamping jaw, user manual, a plastic carrying case are included with this reciprocating saw.
  • 24 month or 2-yr maintenance card supplied with it by the TackLIFE.

What people like

  • Compact.
  • Highly portable.
  • Simple controlling system.
  • Clamping jaw.
  • Double safety switch.
  • Quick and precise cuts.

What people don’t like

  • No defined dust control technology.


The TackLIFE battery of this reciprocating saw ensures the exclusive working life. Though any laser or LED light does not enhance the efficiency of the saw blade the super controlling system solves any cutting problem arises at work. The soft handle gives comforts on cut and the solid carrying case helps the operator to transfer the saw at any job site with no trouble. This is one of the cheapest reciprocating saw with 2-yr limited warranty.

WORX WX550L.9 20V Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

The WORX manufactured model WORX WX550L and WX550L.9 both are more or less same quality reciprocating saw with a combination of the jigsaw and reciprocating saw features. But the significant difference is that the body of WX550L builds with steel and WX550L.9 with plastic that makes it lighter than WX550L. That’s why the WX550L.9 is more popular than the other to the user.

The WX550L.9 is also fit to cut wood, PVC pipe, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic tile, aluminum, copper, thin steel, and even tree limbs and roots. The compact and lightweight body offers plenty of power to tackle a wide range of materials to make the fine and fast cut. This is also suitable to work on both indoor and outdoor projects. The features combined with a reciprocating blade and jigsaw blade able to give a versatile cut of the workpiece.

This saw saves the money as well as working time by offering the applications of both jigsaw and reciprocating saw. The WORX WX550L 20V power share platform also saving the money by sharing the 20V battery of other WORX products. The dust controlling technology offers the best quality clearing of the debris generated with the rotation of the saw blades.

The WORX axis motor lows the possibility of slippage or misalignment of the running blade by allowing simultaneous rotation of the motor and ball gears. The tool-less blade changing system helps an easy insertion and removal of the blades used to cut the stocks. The design of the saw accepts both the jigsaw T-shank blade and reciprocating blade.

Special features

  • A cordless tool combines with a jigsaw and reciprocating saw.
  • Weighs 4.0 Ibs makes it so compact for using any close-fitting working area.
  • The perfect saw for wood cutting, metal, ceramic tile, plastic, tree limbs, and more.
  • It has a 20V power share platform for saving money and time.
  • The best class dust blower cleans the area and increases the visibility of the cut line.
  • It is easy to convert the cutting applications from jigsaw to reciprocating saw.
  • It offers keyless blade changing system.
  • An axis motor located in the side of the body of WX550L.9.
  • A 3-yr limited warranty is given by the manufacturer.

What people like

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Two saw features at a time in one saw model.
  • Easy to change the blades.
  • Highly portable.
  • Dust free work surface.
  • More efficient cuts.
  • Affordable.

What people don’t like

  • No LED light.


Though both function of the jigsaw and reciprocating saw combines in one saw design creates little complexity for the beginners. But the plastic body makes it more comfortable for them who lives far from the job site. And easy to store any place of the workshop. So if you want a well-organized reciprocating saw then go with WX550L.9.

PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20-Volt Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tiger Saw

PORTER-CABLE is one of the established construction tools manufacturing company. They are committed to their customers for the best quality service. PORTER-CABLE PCC670B is produced for multipurpose use with high-class materials that make it durable.

This tiger saw is favorite to the general builders, DIY-ers who works for repairing or remodeling, plumbers, craftsperson who makes different handicrafts with different types of materials.

The machine is only 14.5” long and 3.4 Ibs weighs. This lightweight and small size make it too portable and able to work on the close area where a normal reciprocating does not reach to cut.

The PCC 670B saw has a metal body with a curved shape handle that enhance the comforts on work. This metals body helps to protect the motor from damaging and ensure dust free work surface. It also controlled the total cutting operation.

The tiger saw has 1800  arch fashion with steel made button. This button is placed into the ridges with rubber over-molding that helps to actuate the front rotation. It also helps to prevent an accident on the using time.

Special features

  • The high performing battery produces the power need to create 0-3000 SPM and 1” long stroke for a fast and fine cut of the workpiece.
  • The compact body allows cutting on any types of the working area even a tight space where a standard saw does not go.
  • The tool-free blade release system offers a quick and easy change of the blade without touch.
  • The 20V Max system with self-discharge increases the battery life and expand the toolbox.
  • The pivoting shoe helps easy twist and insert of the expected blade for cutting. It also holds the blade more securely.
  • A 3-yr warranty backed the tool.

What people like

  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly portable.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Precise cuts.
  • More precision.

What people don’t like

  • Only for light works.


The PORTER-CABLE 20V tools are suitable for any types of DIY projects requires low energy to complete. The metal body of the PCC670B does not permit any heavy duty cutting work. But the charger has a superpower to recharge within 20 mins to starts charging. The quality connectors of the battery with the saw able to serve constant power on work. And helps to prevent any electric disruption. The price is also not high and reasonable for all category cutting operators. And the 3-year warranty secures the investment.

TackLIFE Classic Reciprocating Saw, 2800 SPM 1-1/8” Stroke Length Electric Saw

TackLIFE secure their user’s life with deloped and moveable power tools and monitors every single detail of the tools. The classic electric reciprocating saw is one of them. This saw comes with a rotary handle that can able to rotate both left and right directions at 90 degrees angle. It makes the saw more versatile in cutting purpose.

This saw is appropriate to cut sheet steel, pipes, billet board, soft metal, etc. Two types of blades are supplied with it, 6T HCS wood cutting blade and 14T metal cutting blade. This different materials cutting ability makes it suitable for any DIY-ers.

Special features

  • 3-position rotary handle that can move both lefts and right up to 90 degrees increases the flexibility of cutting.
  • 7-Amp motor is enough to make up to 2800 SPM to give a precise cut of the workpiece.
  • A 1-1/8” stroke length ensures a variety of cut for different work materials.
  • The variable speed trigger helps to reach, and the adjustment knob allows the user to the specific speed of cutting the need for the specific cut piece.
  • The lock-on button aids to achieve the cutting direction adjustment of the saw blade. this design provides more comforts on cutting and increase the versatility.
  • The tool-less blade changing lever helps easy inoculation and ejection of the blade and save the time and effort.
  • The pivoting foot adjust gives support for working on a different angle and add extra stability for hard work materials.
  • The integrated LED light provides extra illumination for proper viewing of the cut lines on work.
  • The saw comes with two 6” blades, one of them is using for cutting wood and other for metal stock.
  • The black sturdy carrying case helps transportation to the project site and storage after completion of the work.

What people like

  • Small an lightweight.
  • Variety of precise cuts.
  • Easy to control.
  • Light illumination.

What people don’t like

  • No defined dust control.


This mini electric reciprocating saw makes the cutting jobs more easy with the facility the design offered. The defined lock-on button and soft grip on the curved handle give comfort feel when the user works with it. Though the saw has not any extra setting of dust control it generates less debris on cutting the workpiece. This reciprocating saw speed is enough to give support for the beginner and also a skilled woodworker.

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

Black & Decker power tool manufacturing company bring the model BDCR20B with the modern technology of cutting. This saw is designed for professional contractors, craftsman, and DIY-ers who need constant power, speed, and versatility to complete their cutting projects.

The Black & Decker 20V battery has the ability to work for a long time. It also can work professionally at any environmental situation even very cold or high temperature.  The power, size ratio and design of this saw are adequate for most of the cutting procedure including landscaping, woodworking, and plumbing.

The reciprocating saw is designed with the dampening technology that diminishes the vibration on work, less fatigue and more comfort for the user at the time of cutting without any LED light facility.

Special features

  • The 4 Ibs weight makes it so compact to fit with any narrowed working space.
  • The cordless saw features a powerful 3ooSPM motor to ensure a precise cut of the work stuff.
  • The tool-free blade change system provides an easy change of the saw blades.
  • The pivoting shoe adjustment helps to select the exact angle required for a specific cut like rough cuts, flush cut, plunge cuts.
  • Variable speed control trigger provides different speed and control to cut the materials, even the thinner wood piece without marking the cutline.
  • The 7/8” stroke length offers a versatile cut on the work materials.
  • The attached electric brake adds extra control on the cutting speed.
  • A 2-yr limited warranty is given by the manufacturer.

What people like

  • Small in size.
  • Lightweight.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy to control.
  • Low vibration.

What people don’t like

  • No LED light.


The size and weight of the BDCR20B 20V Max impress the user. The excellent power to give a quick and fine ending of the cut makes it unique. The Black & Decker reciprocating saw lows the vibration even with the hard-working stock. The price is reasonable and any 20V Max lithium-ion battery can fit with it. Though the battery and charger are sold separately you have not to buy it if have any. With all the above, two years warranty is the extra benefit for this Black & Decker bare reciprocating saw.

SKIL 9206-02 7.5 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

SKIL one of the well-known power tool manufacturing company always comes with a low price, small but powerful tools for its users. SKIL 9206-02 is that type of reciprocating saw that has enough power to complete the small to medium-sized cutting projects.

The SKIL reciprocating saw blades have the ability to cut wood, soft metal, drywall, rubber, fiberglass, and other soft materials using for home repairing, yard work or any exhausting work.

This saw is the best for the money and able to ensure comfort on the cutting work. It can be used for continuous cutting. The small size of the saw makes it perfect for any congested area, even cut the roos into the ground.

Special features

  • The 7.5 Amp motor produces ample power enough to complete any small to medium range of cutting jobs.
  • The tool-less blade change technology helps to change the blades needed for different types of work.
  • A heavy-duty metal gear housing adds the strong-featured for cutting various materials and increases the durability of the saw.
  • The counterbalancing system lows the vibration generates with the rotation of the saw blades and gives comfort feeling on cutting.
  • The pivoting shoe provides additional stability to tackle the tough cutting materials.

What people like

  • Affordable.
  • Small in size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy blade changes.
  • Minimum vibration.

What people don’t like

  • Not powerful.


The SKIL 9206 is one of the cheapest reciprocating saw we pick for reviewing. You can use it for any home yard wood job. It gives the best result of the cutting of small-sized work. You also can use it to cut metal at a certain level yet the motor is not so powerful.

The SKIL 9206-02 review shows that the user satisfied with the capacity to finish the cutting. They also change their longtime used a reciprocating saw with the 9206. They give 4.3 out of 5 stars when reviewing after the use of this SKIL saw. Some of them told that they feel like to cut butter when railing off their deck. Even the beginners are satisfied with the control of the saw blades. They could do their job efficiently still cut the first time with this saw.

Buying Guide


Don’t go to the market for your reciprocating saw. Still, you have to know a lot about this power saw. You just get the best model of the reciprocating saw available in the market. But before buying a new one, you should have to know how it works and function of every part of the saw. If you have no idea that which function is most important for your projects then you can’t select the best one suit your needs.

That’ why we make this buying guide, to give you the instruction needs to know before go with a specific model of the reciprocating saw. When you choose the best one consider the following points and pick out the top quality reciprocating saw.


The first thing comes in the brain when want to buy a new thing is the money and the ability to expend for this purpose. Because of varieties product available in the market with a different price level. And all of us have not the same ability to pay.

When a manufacturer marketed a new product fix the price level depends on the technology used on the tool. If the tool comes with an advanced system then the price level is comparatively higher than the traditional one.

We know - the best the quality, the higher the price. So if we want to get the best one will have to compromise with the price level. The working procedure of the reciprocating saw determines it provides the best result or not. Therefore, we have to select the reciprocating saw comes with the modern technology of cutting purpose.

But it is not always right that the expensive one gives the best result. We bring a number of reciprocating saws at a reasonable price with the best technology of the cutting. Now your job is to find out the best one from our top-rated reciprocating saw and go Amazon to buy to improve your power tool collection.


It does not need to say that we have to look at the power of the reciprocating saw. Because we discussed the tools functioning with a power supply whether battery power or electric power.

The two types of saws we reviewed. The source of power is not so important than strength. The strength of the saw control the capacity of a power saw. If we need a powerful one to get the best result of our cutting project then we have to select the powerful one.

Normally the battery power is expressed with Volt and the electric power with Amperage. In general, most of the reciprocating saw run with 10-15 AMP or 20V Max or 18V battery.

If your project needs more power to finish the cutting of hard materials then go with 15 Amp or 20V Max. You have the option to go with any of the power depending on your project size. Because we give you both electric and battery powered reciprocating saw with different strength of power to cut the workpiece effectively.


When you select the battery power reciprocating saw, should have to consider the life of the battery and the charger used for recharging the battery. All the reciprocating saw batteries are rechargeable and lithium-ion with 20V Max or 18V, we reviewed.

Some reciprocating saw can run with any 20V Max and some with manufacturer’s special battery. Where the saw works with the manufacturer’s own battery, there have an option to use the same battery for a different model. That’s why you do not need to buy the battery and the charger separately if already have any tool for this specific company.

With the strength of the battery, you also think about the runtime of the saw in a single charge and the time need for recharging. Because sometimes you have to go far for your job, have a lack of power supply to finish the work.

So when you think to purchase a battery powered reciprocating saw then look at the materials with what it made of and the charger. If you can able to choose the best power then will get the best result of the necessity.


A reciprocating saw does not come with a blade. You have to buy it individually as you need. And it is so cheap and available anywhere in the market.

We need to use different types of blades for changed materials because we use this saw to cut a wide range of work stuff. The types of the blades are wood cutting, metal cutting, pruning blade, and multipurpose blade. when you will take blades for your saw have to consider the purpose for which you buy it.

The teeth arrangement and size also varies. For straight cut on wood materials, you have to use a tall and hostile teethed blade while a smaller teethed thinned one for metal cutting. The pruning blades are also fine teethed and comparatively bigger.

Among all types of reciprocating blade, the multipurpose blades are suitable for most demolition tasks. It is designed with nails and can safely cut most types of cutting materials, and also a nailed timber.

Blade changing method

We have to use different types of blade for the reciprocating saw to complete the cutting of our work materials. That's why we need to change it with the change of the workpiece.

So you have to judge the changing method of the blade before go with a single reciprocating saw. It also increases your working efficiency to complete the job. Now a day, most of the reciprocating tools have the tool-free blade changing method. The method offers you to change the blade only click on the button or switch attached on the saw body, need no help of an extra tool.

When you push on the switch the hot blade comes out automatically. For the insertion, again press the button and insert the blade into the right position of the saw. But when you will do it, make sure the saw motor be stopped to avoid the start rotation of the blade. it may sort of a great accident.

Variable speed control

With a reciprocating saw, a variety of material is to be cut. We know all types of materials can not cut with the same length of stroke. Because everyone has a different thickness that we cut out with the rotating blade of the saw. Therefore we need a reciprocating saw with a speed control system to get an efficient cut.

Most of the saw we preferred have a variable speed control structure, able to create 2000- 3000 strokes per minutes (SPM). This SPM is enough to cut any type of materials. The thick materials deserve more strokes than a thin one.

Some of the reciprocating saw has a variable speed trigger and some have an electric brake to control the speed need for a particular object. The trigger helps to reach the expected speed and the adjustment knob fix it. Thus the trigger provides a particular speed as same as the electric brake. If your reciprocating saw has a design of speed control then you can do your job more efficiently comparing a traditional saw.

Dust collection

The running saw blade engender a particular amount of dust when goes through the workpiece to divide it into two individual part with a fine end. When this debris creates it gathers on the cut line and blown on the surrounding area where the work has done. It results in a bad cut with a polluted environment.

The dust also creates a serious problem for the user. If it enters into the eyes of the user hampers the seeing ability with water even also temporary blindness. That’s why it is most important to control the dust to create and using a progress method of dust collection.

Most of the reciprocating saw has the ability to blown away the dust far from the cut piece. And some has an advanced system to control it. The body of the saw is so small that it is not possible to attach an individual portion to hold a dust bag for collecting the dust. For this obstruction, a blower is designed just behind the blade position to blow the debris away from the user and ensure a sound cutting environment. Therefore you have to buy the reciprocating saw that has a defined method of dust collection.

Ease of use

To make the reciprocating saw for effortless use, you have to inspect for some special features of it. Usually, the saw is small and light in weight comparing other power saw using for cutting purpose. But some are a comparatively little heavy. The light weight of the saw makes easy to use and stress-free transport.

Another design that gives ease to use is the makeover of the handle of the saw. The handle of the reciprocating saw covered with plastic or rubber grip. The rubber grip offers more comforts than plastic. It also helps to tolerate the vibration up to a certain limit.

If the saw is produced to make a versatile cut on the work materials more suitable for any category of user. This type of saw can use for different cutting materials and can create easy and precise cut on it.

Safety features

Excepts the above features, a reciprocating saw has some other special features that ensure safety.

The pivoting foot or shoe of the saw helps to place the blade safely when it runs for making a cut on it. It also helps to adjust the angle of the cut and determine how deeper the blade has to go for creating the cut. So you have to take the saw which has a sturdy rotating shoe for a safe cut.

The reciprocating saw creates cut with a variety of blades. For this reason, a multipurpose blade clamp is necessary to design with it.

The brushless motor that can able to absorb a continuous flow of the electricity also ensure safety to use this saw for cutting the expected materials.

If the saw is designed with an integrated LED light then it becomes a perfect saw for any cutting projects. 

If a durable carrying case is included with the reciprocating saw increases the saw life and make easy storage of the saw at the resting time. It also makes the workshop safe and prevents any unexpected accident.

Although the reciprocating has a design to provide safety of the cutting job we should follow the safety tips like other power saws when working with it. These are –

  • We should work on a well-spaced place with the reciprocating saw to avoid any mishap.
  • When the saw run it vibrates and produces noise with an amount of dust particle depending on the nature of work materials. That’s why earplug, eye goggles, dust mask, and loose clothes should wear at working time.
  • Never work in a wet place because the saw run by a flow of electricity or battery power. And this electricity may cause a shock for the user.
  • When the saw starts running should hold it safely because it generates vibration with the rotation of the saw blades. If not it may instigate to an accident.
  • At the time of maintenance check or after completing the cutting always stopped the power switch to escape from an accident.
  •  Always a hand glove should weared when cutting with the saw blade for controlling the vibrated saw body.
  • Never do the cut in a room where has a combustible gas supply because when the blade makes the stroke it sparks.
  • Before starts cutting with a new reciprocating saw, always read the manual guide of the machine thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does reciprocating saw mean?

Ans. The reciprocating saw is a machine-powered saw that works through the materials with the cutting action of a pull-and-push motion of the blade. The term reciprocating usually applied for a type of saw used in construction and demolition work.

Who makes the best cordless reciprocating saw?

Ans. After introduced by the Black & Decker in 1961, a number of well-organized power tool manufacturing companies produced the best quality reciprocating saw. Now the DEWALT, the Makita, the Milwaukee, the PORTER-CABLE, the Bosh manufactures the top quality reciprocating saw available in 2019’s saw market.

What is the best brand of reciprocating saw?

Ans. There is no single brand who makes only the best reciprocating saw. But a number of manufacturers produce the best quality reciprocating saw.

Do all reciprocating saw blades fit?

Ans. Yes, the reciprocating saw blades are fit all reciprocating saw because they come with homogeneous shank.

Will a reciprocating saw cut through metal?

Ans. Yes, a reciprocating saw can cut through metal. You have to use a metal cutting saw blade to cut the materials made of any metal.

What’s the difference between a Sawzall and a reciprocating saw?

Ans. There is no significant difference between Sawzall and a reciprocating saw. The term “Sawzall” introduced by the Milwaukee for the reciprocating saw where they use two modern technology to improve the performance. The “Quick-lock” technology for easy blade changes and “Redlink plus” technology to preventing the tool from overload designed with the reciprocating saw by the Milwaukee.

Why do some saws have an orbital action?

Ans. To make a faster cut on relatively soft materials, some saw has an orbital action where the blade moves a slightly circular motion as in and out of the saw. It also helps to quick removal of the blade when need to change the blade.   

What is the difference between variable speed control and a variable speed limit?

Ans.  Variable speed control is a drive with which the speed of the machine is controlled when it works.

A variable speed limit is an adaptable restriction at which the machine runs to ensure safety.

Why should I not use the fastest speed all the time for quick cuts?

Ans.  All the materials used to cut not the same thickness or composition. Every material needs different speed to cut down. If you use the fastest speed for all of them do not get the best result, some may also break down. So to get the fine cut, you should use the specific speed of cutting the material deserves.

Why is an adjusted shoe important?

Ans. An adjusted shoe is important for a reciprocating saw because it helps to enter the blade into a different area of the material used to cut. It also increases blade life and better control in cutting action. The shoe also allows a contentious cutting of the materials.


After a long walk with this reciprocating saw review guide, we make sure that you can able to make the final sentence for the best reciprocating saw need your power toolbox.

Here you get both corded and cordless reciprocating saw with a vast of advanced cutting technology at a reasonable price. These saws are controlling today’s market of the reciprocating saw.

The buying guide protects you from the injury may create when work with the running blades of the power saw.

At last, we request you to visit our website where different power saw review guide waiting to give strong support to find out the best power tool available in the market.

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